Wednesday, August 18, 2021

CURC Cornell

681 Cornell Lane, Dryden NY 13053

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Dairy One has partnered with Cornell University Ruminant Center, Precision Planting, Agro Liquid, Dairy Support Services, Kings AgriSeeds, and other industry leaders in a 3-year study to evaluate the process of generating high yielding corn along with improving constituents for feed quality. This is being analyzed through replicated studies across 190 acres of multiple growing environments. We are excited to share our findings with you through an engaging, educational day of discussion and presentation.

CCA CEU credits will be offered.

We will be hosting a morning event beginning at 8:30 am and an afternoon event beginning at 12:30 pm. Lunch is provided at noon by 10-10 BBQ. Each event will be broken into 2 sessions, with a choice of 3 discussions to attend. Attendees are welcome to attend both the morning and afternoon events if they would like to participate in multiple discussions.  

Time has been allotted between each session to allow for networking with farms and vendors. Attendees will also have the opportunity to visit exhibits and get a closer look at crops and planting equipment.


Sign in and refreshments – 30 minutes

Introductions and overview of the eventJamie Zimmerman and Tim Lewis, Dairy One – 30 minutes

Session One (pick one of the following to attend) – 45 Minutes

Foundations of Plant Health, Classroom Chris Creek, Precision Planting

Cows, Crops, and Renewable Farming Greg Johnson, CURC, and Scott Potter, D.S.S.C

Feeding a High Yield Crop Steve Ledoux and John Leif, Agro Liquid

~30-minute break~

Session Two (pick one of the following to attend) – 45 minutes

Plant Health = Animal Health, In the Field Chris Creek, Precision Planting

Corn Genetics and Environmen- Rod Porter and Dave Stoner, Kings Agri Seeds

Demonstration Planter Walk Around Dairy One Precision Agronomy Team